NH: Final Push to Move SB 141 out of the Senate

SB 141, which will repeals the broken “gun line,” passed the Senate on Thursday, April 1, 2021 on a 14 – 10 roll call vote. Please watch your inbox for what action will be needed as this important legislation moves to the House of Representatives.

We have spent a lot of time explaining about the significant delays being endured by handgun buyers and sellers due to the broken “gun line.” Help, in the form of SB 141, sponsored by Sen. Bob Giuda, will end the delays.

We explained about this very serious problem here, here and here.

Last summer, when the typical hours long delays turned into weeks and months, we published a report in Ammoland.

After SB 141 passed the full Senate on March 18, it was then sent to the Finance Committee for review. Earlier today, on a 5-2 party line vote, the Finance Committee voted SB 141 “ought to pass.” A heartfelt thanks to Finance Committee members, Senators Daniels, Giuda, Morse, Reagan and Hennessey for voting SB 141 “ought to pass.”

It will be voted on again by the full Senate on Thursday, April 1.

Your Senator needs to hear from you TODAY! They need to know you support SB 141 and want to end the gun sales delays for handgun buyers. Click here for a Senate Roster and call your senator, then, use the above form to follow that call up with an email.

GOA has been told about disinformation and outright lies being spread about SB 141. If SB 141 was anything other than what we have described in our numerous alerts, GOA would not be supporting it. Please ignore the lies, fear mongering and disinformation, and urge your Senator to support SB 141.

Please remember to be polite but firm when you ask your Senator to vote SB 141 “ought to pass.”