How long does it take for my membership package to arrive? Typically, due to processing and shipping, it takes 3-5 weeks for a membership package to arrive.

Does GOA have state chapters? GOA is active at the federal level and in all 50 states. Affiliated with GOA is Gun Owners of California, which operates exclusively in that state. GOA also has state spokespersons and directors across the country.

Is GOA aware of anti-gun bills introduced into Congress/state legislatures? Yes, GOA closely monitors Congress and state legislatures for pro- and anti-gun bills. However, there are literally THOUSANDS of gun bills being introduced every year across the country.  It becomes necessary, therefore, for us to first see which bills are moving so that we can determine which ones need immediate attention. GOA will act on bills that are moving through the legislature. Otherwise, GOA would misappropriate its limited resources on bills that have little chance of passing anyway.

What is GOA doing to help those in anti-gun states (like New York, California, New Jersey etc.)? GOA (and its Foundation) are involved in many legal challenges in anti-gun states. For example, GOA was involved in the Wrenn case, which ultimately turned the District of Columbia into a “shall issue” locality for concealed carry. GOA is also challenging the licensing restrictions in New York City before the Supreme Court — a case that will have a dramatic effect upon gun control laws in other anti-gun jurisdictions. Additionally, GOA is pushing for federal reciprocity like HR 38 that would effectively nullify “may-issue” permits, allowing those in anti-gun states to carry in their home state and across the country.

What is the difference between the membership levels? The basic, $25 level membership includes GOA’s newsletter, Member surveys and polls, GOA fact sheets, Candidate Rating Guide, and lasts for one year. Become a Member.

The Patriot membership is a monthly contribution and lasts for as long as one is willing to continue with the program. In addition to all the basic membership benefits, it includes a special custom membership card available only to Patriot members, an embroidered GOA baseball cap, automatic entry into all GOA gun giveaway sweepstakes, and special alerts and updates regarding your gun rights. Become a Patriot Member.

GOA Life Members, in addition to the other membership benefits, receive a wallet card, an embroidered GOA baseball cap, and a certificate — suitable for framing — identifying them as life members. Become a Life Member.

How is GOA different from other gun organizations? Two words: no compromise! GOA firmly believes that gun control of all forms is ineffective and unconstitutional. For over forty years, GOA has brought this “no compromise” approach to Congress and state legislatures with success. To see GOA’s accomplishments, click here.