NH: Gun Control on the move for 2020

A Sununu/Bradley Compromise May Put You at Risk

Having recently celebrated Thanksgiving, we are reminded that living in America, we truly have a lot to be thankful for.

House Minority Leader Hinch and Senator Morse

However, the radical left hates America and wants to make our country into a European style gun-free zone. That’s why we will oppose every word of gun control.

The purpose of this email is to let you know what the radical gun banners in Concord are planning for next year.  I know it’s long but please take the time to read all the way to the end.

GOA recently sent an important update on attempts to enact gun confiscation in New Hampshire.  If you missed it, click here to read it and take action.  Senator Jeb Bradley is mounting a credible attack on your rights.

I have been studying the Legislative Service Request (LSR) List of bills to be introduced for the 2020 session of the New Hampshire General Court, and I want you to know what we will be facing in the 2020 legislative session.

Next year is an election year and I am concerned that our rights might be compromised away.  This is why I need every gun owner to engage and send the emails, and make the calls when we ask you to. If you engage, we can win.

Most of the radical bills that were vetoed by Governor Sununu have been reintroduced for 2020 — such as these bills by extreme gun banner Rep. Katherine Rogers:

  • LSR 2020-2002 — Sell a gun to a friend and go to jail;
  • LSR 2020-2003 — A mandatory waiting period between buying a gun and bringing it home, and;
  • LSR 2020-2060 — A bill that will endanger our children by banning self-defense guns in schools.

What truly frightens us is that Rep. Mary Heath and her eight co-sponsors — all of whom are Democrats — really believe that a law and a sign will stop a criminal who wants to harm our children.

Of course, the only thing that will stop a criminal is an armed citizen. This is exactly what happened at an Oklahoma Wal-Mart.(1)

In addition to these recycled bills, there are a few new bad ideas.

For example, LSR 2020-2150 is sponsored by Rep. Andrew Bouldin and eleven other Democrats and is described as “repealing limited liability for manufacturers, distributors, dealers or importers of firearms or ammunition.”

Way back in 2003, I was involved in the fight to enact HB 811.  This law was enacted at a time when anti-gun activists were aggressively suing firearms dealers, distributors and manufacturers.  They were attempting to hold these legitimate businesses liable for the abuse of their lawful products by criminals.

Their ultimate goal was to ban guns (or make them prohibitively expensive) by suing into bankruptcy those who legally produced and sold them.

New Hampshire’s lawsuit immunity law does not preclude suits against gun makers based on defective or malfunctioning products.

And this is why LSR 2020-2150 must be defeated.  To do anything less will allow the anti-gun Left to sue legitimate firearms businesses and force them out of business for the acts of criminals.  This is un-American.

And speaking of unconstitutional, there were three gun bans that were introduced, but then subsequently withdrawn. The sponsors of these three bills were Representatives Katherine Rogers, Jacqueline Cali-Pitts and Peter Schmidt.

Some of their bills would have banned guns, another would have repealed the right to keep and bear arms protection in the state constitution.

Make no mistake, there are legislators in Concord who want to confiscate our guns, just like Robert Francis O’Rourke promised to do.(2)

Now that Robert Francis O’Rourke has ended his campaign, the gun confiscators are taking advice from Joy Behar who cautioned Democrats against announcing their gun confiscation plans before they get elected.(3)

Gun control is an electoral loser and Reps. Rogers, Cali-Pitts and Schmidt know this.  By withdrawing their anti-gun LSRs, they want to fool you into thinking there is nothing to worry about.  Don’t be fooled, we are on defense and as I explained, there is plenty to worry about.

Back in September, I explained that these bills are not about protecting our children or public safety.  They represent an attempt at a total leftist takeover of New Hampshire.

If the radical left can get enough Republicans and Governor Sununu to go along with even one of these outrageous bills, they win.

The left will never vote for Governor Sununu or any other Republican, but if they can trick or force them to support gun control then they win because they know that we will (rightfully) abandon them in November 2020.

The Republicans need to be reminded that their party platform opposes gun control.  The leaders must enforce the platform.(4)

Please read and take the requested action on our two most recent alerts: elder care gun confiscation and the retaliation against pro-gun Rep. John Burt.


(A) Finally, please contact Governor Sununu and urge him to veto any form of gun control or gun confiscation — no matter who the sponsor is and what the editorial writers claim.

Please make it clear to the Governor that his proposed compromise is a solution in search of a problem and you categorically reject the notion that bureaucrats and court-appointed guardians know what’s best for our seniors.

(B) Then contact Senator Chuck Morse and House Minority Leader Dick Hinch and urge them to keep their caucus in line.

These legislative leaders need to know that we are informed, single-issue voters and we will not accept one word of gun control.


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