WY: Final Vote to Stop Local Gun Control in Wyoming!

Ask the House to Stop Local Gun Control in Wyoming!

GOA-Backed SF0148 passed the Wyoming Senate and its first hurdle in a House Committee! This bill fixes an error in Wyoming’s Statutes that will restore the intent of Wyoming’s Preemption law and stop localities from passing more restrictive gun control than allowed by the state legislature.

Wyoming State Capitol

Why is this SF0148 “Preemption Legislation” so important?

To make a long story short, an unintentional numerical error within the Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act changed Wyoming’s Preemption Law and made it only apply to firearms made entirely within the Cowboy state. That means a local Wyoming authority can now pass restrictions on concealed carry, magazine size, or other legal firearms-related activities allowed under Wyoming law as long as they exempt Wyoming-made firearms and accessories.

If you don’t think local gun control can happen in Wyoming, you need to look no further than our Colorado neighbors to the south. Gun owners in Colorado now face a patchwork of gun control laws across a once Second Amendment-friendly state!

As a Wyoming Judge wrote: “To the extent that the Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act preempts regulation of firearms by cities, towns, counties, and political subdivisions and/or any other entities, it does so only with respect to firearms, firearms accessories and ammunition that are manufactured in Wyoming.”

SF0148 is a very simple and short bill that restores the intent of Wyoming’s Preemption Law. The legislation will change the statute numbers referenced in the Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act to start at 6-8-402 rather than the erroneous beginning at 6-8-401. This will restore the power of Wyoming’s Preemption law found in 6-8-401 and stop local authorities from regulating ANY FIREARMS, FIREARMS EXCESSORIES, AMMUNITION, ETC. regardless of where manufactured.

SF0148 is a common sense bill to restore the legislative intent to stop local authorities from having firearms restrictions not authorized by the Wyoming Legislature.

Please act now and contact your Representative and ask them to vote for SF0148. Without this legislation, Wyoming could face a patchwork of gun control laws in municipalities across the state.

Please click here to contact your Representative in the Wyoming House and encourage them do the right thing and vote for SF0148 on the House Floor.

Now is the time to act to stop local authorities from restricting our Second Amendment Rights.

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Contact the Wyoming House and Ask Them to Stop Local Gun Control in Wyoming

P.S. Please be watching for updates on this and other bills in the coming days, and be on the lookout for information about other important GOA-supported bills that will advance your Second Amendment Rights!