CO: Republicans Rally Thanks to Your Advocacy!

Republicans Rally for a Minor Filibuster!

Thanks to your ardent passion for liberty and quick advocacy, we pressed the Republicans to Hold the Line!

H.B. 1165 was the first skirmish in the 2023 Colorado gun control debate and a continuation of the struggle to restore the foundations of our Constitutional Republic. While only a symbolic victory, the filibuster demonstrates that by combining our dedication to the Second Amendment with hard conversations, holding politicians’ feet to the fire, and by setting aside differences in order to build alliances, we can offer such resistance that it creates significant consternation within the hive mind of the socialist cabal, as well as their RINO allies.

From the footage, we can clearly discern those within the Colorado Republican Party, who could be considered the intellectual sons and daughters of that revolutionary generation that sacrificed so much in order to secure the blessings of liberty, which are currently under assault across the country. Representatives Stephanie Luck (R-HD60), Scott Bottoms (R-HD15), Ken DeGraaf (R-HD22), Brandi Bradley (R-HD39), Ty Winter (R-HD47), and Don Wilson (R-HD20), all made cogent arguments in defense of our God-given right to defend life, liberty, and property with commonly held arms. By all appearances, the remaining republicans offered unimpassioned and unmuddled remarks, seemingly, because you had bothered them enough to get up and say something not worth remembering…

You are encouraged to watch here (Time: 37:37-2:28:20).

What is most notable about the nearly two-hour filibuster is the tone and substance of the remarks made by the different Republican legislators. From these insights we can discern how each representative views our God-given rights and the degree to which they are willing to defend the bulwark of liberty in order to secure our cherished freedoms for future generations of Coloradans, both rural and urban.

While speaking about the practical offshoots of natural rights, such as hunting or target sports, is important, that should not be our principal defense because our rights originate from self-evident truths that are timeless. Undeniably, a genuine love of liberty must be imparted on the individual as a sentiment of the heart and reinforced by timeless principles that inform the mind. Meaning that once a person has been taught truth by employing right reason and through the development of virtue, truth then become elementary to one’s mind. These truths are eternal because their wellspring is an outflowing from the cherished gifts of liberty granted to us by our Creator.

Indeed, by not fading softly into the night, we shook the resolve of the hive-mind socialists who worship themselves under the Golden Dome. This irritation was palpably evident when Rep. Weissman headed to the “well” to demonstrate his leftist inculcation, as well as to complain that the “rules” have not been followed, and to call out the Founders as “non-inclusive.”

From that minor engagement, we have tangible evidence that, when we employ the Founders’ language and link that with the timeless principles that form the foundation of this great nation, we can become a powerful force to be reckoned with!

While we may be infuriated at the loss of our God-given rights on Wednesday, we must remember to follow the example set by our Founders and continue to engage in peaceful, albeit angry, political discourse.

It is essential to remember that the combined strength of the recent Supreme Court holdings in Heller, MacDonald, Caetano, Thompson, and Bruen means that unprincipled legislation, such as H.B. 1165, will be unable to withstand a legal challenge because it is blatantly incompatible with the text, history, and tradition of the Second Amendment as intended by the Founding Generation. With that said, it is regrettable that your taxpayer dollars will be frivolously spent defending such shocking legislation that only demonstrates how the Left and their RINO allies have no respect for your unalienable rights or the Rule of Law!

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