IA: House Judiciary Committee Debates Second Amendment Preservation Act

Iowa HF 147, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, has passed a House sub-committee, and will be heard in the full Judiciary Committee soon!

Under House File 147, state and local officials will be prohibited from aiding the federal government to enforce federal gun control. This would prevent future federal gun laws such as Red Flag Confiscation Orders, UBCs, under 21 bans, semi-auto bans, and more from being enforced by state and local police. This should even mean that state and local police cannot enforce Biden’s ATF’s new Pistol Brace Rule.

This specific bill actually has teeth. It punishes any state or local official who does assist in enforcing federal gun control. That makes this bill similar to Missouri’s SAPA and GOA classifies it as the “Gold Standard” of SAPA laws.

It is time to start “playing offense” and fighting to actually restore our 2A rights, rather than just protect them.

Please contact the House Judiciary Committee members and urge them to Vote YES on HF 147.