PA: Stop Gun Violence Task Forces

Gun Violence Task Force up for Vote on 4/17/23

The radical Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee continue their assault against your constitutional rights.

HB 483 is up for a vote in the PA House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, April 17th. This bill would create “Gun Violence Task Forces” statewide.

Gun violence task forces are cesspools for spawning and popularizing anti-gun propaganda. These task forces single out gun crime from other violent crimes, further stigmatizing gun ownership. It’s the underlying crime that matters, not the instrument used to perpetrate it.

Metrics tied to the bill could allow the establishment of “Gun Violence Task Forces” in the majority of Pennsylvania’s counties. 

Data from 2016-2020 shows that we might end up with Gun Violence Task Forces in every county shown in pink and red in the image below.

And that’s not all. The bill allows for federal agencies to cooperate with the task forces. That could mean allowing the ATF into a MAJORITY of our counties using YOUR tax dollars to pay for it.

Besides Gun Violence Task Forces being a propaganda tool for gun prohibitionists, they are ineffective! Philadelphia established its Gun Violence Task Force in 2006, but despite that, their murder rate skyrocketed to its highest level in 2021.

That’s why you must contact your state representative (by filling out the form above) to tell the House Judiciary Committee to vote NO on HB 483. Let them know that this bill is nothing more than another attempt at backdoor gun control.