Is the ATF Spying on Gun Owners?

You may have heard that intelligence agencies have spied on members of Congress, political protestors, and even congressional campaign donors—all without a warrant.

Imagine what these rogue bureaucrats are doing to gun owners!

You and I both know what an anti-gun tyrant could do with that information.

Well, now you and I have a chance to stop them.

That’s why I am asking you to please add your name to our prewritten letter right now to tell your congressman to protect gun owners and patriots from Biden’s spying.

Let me quickly explain what you and I face.

Congress may vote as early as this coming week on reauthorizing “FISA 702,” which is supposed to only monitor suspected foreign terrorists outside our borders.

Aidan Johnston speaking on Fox News

You and I have already seen the Biden administration seizing the bank records of every American who was near D.C. on January 6, 2021, and ordering banks to monitor Americans who made purchases with words like “MAGA” in it.

But Biden and the anti-gunners in Washington are also using a loophole in a law meant to surveil foreign threats to instead collect personal information on millions of Americans.

This data collection prompted 30 members of Congress to write a letter to the House Speaker stating that this kind tracking “poses a serious threat to Americans’ privacy … including where an American prays, where and when they drive their children to school, and if they have visited a gun store or shooting range.”

With FBI buying financial information on gun owners and targeting perceived political opponents, it is clear that Washington is out of control.

I’ll be honest, the kind of data being bought and sold on the open market scares me.

Instead of registering gun owners the old fashion way, with the way our federal government spends, they could just BUY a national gun registry! Or, the ATF can simply request and view concealed carry permit lists from around the country.

Screenshot of concealed carry list data

But we have a chance to stop these rogue bureaucrats and reign this all in, but time is running out…

I need you to to tell your congressman right now to do two things to stop Biden and protect gun owners:

1) Vote against FISA 702 reauthorization, if it doesn’t contain warrant and other privacy reforms, so we can shut down Biden’s illicit spying.

2) Pass the “Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act” to stop Biden from collecting data on US citizens without a warrant.

The “Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act” stops Biden’s illicit spy program by stopping him from buying or otherwise getting subscriber or customer records so he can track what Americans buy and what they do.

I hope you will contact your congressman using the form above right now because your voice can make a difference…

…and I fear for what Biden will do with the information he’s collecting on average Americans.

Please help me stop Biden from using a foreign terrorist surveillance program to collect information on gun owners and other Americans he suspects of being political opponents.

Use the form above right now to stop Biden’s spy program and deal him a defeat.