MO: State Senators could Soon Vote on Banning Red Flag Gun Confiscation

Wednesday morning, February 21st, the General Laws Committee should be voting on SB 10, an anti red flag bill.

Under Senate Bill 10, Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders would be prohibited in the state of Missouri. As you probably know, red flag laws give the police the ability to confiscate anyone’s firearms with no crime committed, simply because someone else claimed they were a “threat.”

We’ve seen this law fail everywhere it was tried. There is no data at all showing that red flag laws have lowered crime anywhere, but there are true stories of false red flag claims leading to peoples’ deaths. In Ferndale, Maryland, 60-year-old Gary Willis was summarily executed by police with a Gun Confiscation Order. He came to the door at 5:17 a.m. with a gun in his hand, which is understandable when your door is being pounded on at that time of day. Willis was not a criminal, and we now know the Gun Confiscation Order was obtained by a vengeful relative who wanted to punish Willis for his political views.

We must do everything we can to prevent red flag laws, especially since the “bipartisan” gun control bill that passed last year, thanks to RINOs in the Senate, granted $750,000,000 to bribe states into adopting red flag laws.

Please contact the Senate General Laws Committee and urge them to support this anti red flag bill, SB 10.