Stand Your Ground, Constitutional Carry Expansion introduced in the Gem State

Urge Your Lawmakers to Support REAL Pro-Gun Measures

Contact Your Lawmakers to Support REAL Pro-Gun Measures

A state like Idaho should be the leader when it comes to firearm freedoms.

And while Idahoans enjoy a tremendous amount of liberty, there’s still the need to expand and restore Second Amendment rights in the Gem State.

Thankfully, there’s two prominent pro-gun measures being pushed in Boise.

First, as we’ve previously alerted you, Constitutional Carry Expansion has been introduced by Rep. Christy Zito. This is a very simple measure that would allow honest, adult American citizens to Constitutionally Carry throughout Idaho.  This legislation is currently designated as RS26540.

Another measure introduced by Rep. Zito is real Stand Your Ground. This piece of legislation actually secures one’s right to self-defense, unlike last session’s legislation that simply codified existing law.

Under Rep. Zito’s legislation, if you defend yourself in accordance with Idaho’s self-defense laws, you will be immune from criminal prosecution and will receive compensation for court fees.

Both of these measures enjoy the full backing of Gun Owners of America and need your activism to become law!

Oppose Backdoor Gun Control in Marsy’s Law

Finally, there is a proposal before the state legislature to submit a state constitutional amendment to the voters concerning “crime victims’ rights.”  If adopted by the legislature and the voters, the proposal would be dubbed “Marsy’s Law.”

Many of the aspects of the proposed constitutional amendment are non-controversial, such as the right of victims to be treated with “fairness, respect, dignity…”

But proposed paragraph (10) troubles us — and should trouble every gun owner.  It guarantees accusers “reasonable protection from the accused … throughout the criminal justice process.”

So, suppose the accused is innocent until proven guilty.  Would this new proposed provision of the Idaho Constitution potentially REQUIRE that the courts take away all firearms from the ACCUSED as soon as an accusation is made?

That’s what it looks like to us.  And, if this is true, the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” and “due process of law” will become a sham.

And, since this will be part of the Idaho Constitution, it will be almost impossible to do anything about it.

Gun rights will be dead in Idaho the moment anyone hits you with an accusation.

Because of this concerning paragraph, Gun Owners of America opposes Marsy’s Law in this form.

However, Rep. Zito’s bills — if made into law — would make Idaho the shining example for other states to follow when it comes to gun laws.

But nothing moves in politics unless it’s pushed, so we need gun owners to immediately take action.

So please contact your state representative above to support Rep. Zito’s bills and to oppose gun control in the Marsy’s Law proposal!

Thanks in advance for taking action.