Bring Constitutional Carry to the Tar Heel State!

You don’t need government permission to bear arms!

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Good news!

Constitutional Carry may be coming to the Tar Heel State.

House Bill 61 — Constitutional Carry — would make North Carolina the 16th state in the country to recognize the right to protect yourself and your family without first getting the government’s permission.  

HB 61 — sponsored by Representatives Pittman, Potts and Kidwell — puts forward the simple concept that you don’t need government permission before bearing arms.

At its core, it’s simple:  The bill would legalize concealed carry without first seeking government permission.  

The reason that “Constitutional Carry” has been so popular is obvious: You should not be required to get the government’s permission to exercise your constitutional right to defend yourself, your family, your friends, your community, and our Constitution.

States which have adopted “Constitutional Carry” such as New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Maine are the safest states in the country.

Contrary to dire predictions that states would become “the Wild West,” places like Arizona found that violent crime went down sufficiently after they allowed law-abiding citizens to protect themselves in this way.  

But, as in other states, this extraordinary victory won’t just fall into our laps.  It will take the efforts of all of gun owners across the state to push HB 61 through the North Carolina House and Senate and onto the governor’s desk.

So please take action above and urge your elected officials to support HB 61! You can contact your state representative and senator with just a few clicks!