GOA Defending Your Standard Capacity Magazines

From the Courtroom to State Capitols, GOA Defends Your Rights

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GOA Brief Refutes Bans on “Military-Style” Firearms, Components

Last week, Gun Owners of America filed an important amicus brief in the Ninth Circuit, defending standard capacity magazines in the Duncan v. Becerra case.

California law bans any magazine that can hold over ten rounds. But in March, a district court judge blocked the law from going into effect.

California appealed the decision to the full Ninth Circuit Court. Eighteen Democrat Attorneys General from around the country then followed suit by submitting a brief in support of the state’s ban.

GOA and its legal arm, Gun Owners Foundation (GOF), have weighed in on this case in conjunction with Gun Owners of California, the Heller Foundation, and several other pro-gun organizations.

This is an important case when it comes to the ability to defend oneself, because the government has no business telling people how many rounds they “need.”

We refute several anti-gun arguments in our brief, including the idea that the Second Amendment does not apply to so-called “military-style” firearms. For example:

The Second Amendment protects first and foremost the right to self-defense — not just against petty criminals, but against governments, both foreign and domestic. In order to combat foreign aggression or domestic tyranny, military-grade arms are, as the framers understood, “necessary to the security of a free State.”

You can read the entire brief here.

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GOA in the Media and on the Front Lines

  • I went on the Military Arms Channel today — and the American Joe show last week — to give an update on progress being made to preserve our guns from Beto-style gun confiscation. And last month, I went in depth with Crosstalk America to discuss background checks, red flag laws and more. You can listen to that conversation here.
  • When Senator Ted Cruz recently went one-on-one with actress Alyssa Milano, part of their debate revolved around the subject of whether our right to keep and bear arms is a God-given right. Subsequently, The Washington Post cited GOA’s Fact Sheet as an authority on the subject of Bible and weapons control.One can read that Fact Sheet here or listen to a radio debate on the same topic.

    GOA’s John Velleco (left) and Erich Pratt with former state Rep. Suzanna Hupp, who testified before Congress against gun control in September.

  • GOA flew in Suzanna Hupp to speak to Congress about the failure of gun control. Long-time gun rights activists will remember Suzanna as being one of the survivors of the Luby’s cafeteria massacre in 1991.
    Since then, she has been a powerful spokesperson for the right to keep and bear arms, as is credited for helping pass “shall issue” concealed carry in Texas. Suzanna’s powerful testimony before the Congress last month, explaining the unintended consequences of gun control, can be viewed here.
  • Likewise, GOA helped facilitate another powerful 2A spokesman to come to the nation’s capital. Gun owners familiar with Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter will not be surprised that he did a fantastic job in his appearance before Congress. You can view Maj’s testimony here.
  • In Pennsylvania, GOA state director, Dr. Val Finnell, recently testified against Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders and other gun control before the PA Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Finally, mark your calendars for Saturday, November 2. I will be speaking in front of the U.S. Capitol at a 2nd Amendment rally with grassroots activists from all over the country. Interested in attending? Get more info about the rally here.