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GOA News

  • Disarming Who?
  • GOA Gun Free Zones
  • Gun Control Hypocrisy
  • Ward Gains on McCain
  • Victory in NH

Gun Owners of America: Disarming Good Guys Does Not Disarm Bad Guys

“We’re not going to make people safe by trying to restrict access to guns. Because bad guys, we have found, get access to guns no matter what. You’ll impede it for the good guys, bad guys will [still] be armed.” - GOA's Larry Pratt

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GOA attacks gun-free zones, Everytown fires back

“We’re actually blaming the wolves that love to prey on unprotected sheep but a wolf doesn’t typically attack when there are a bunch of sheep dogs congregated together..." - GOA Executive Director Erich Pratt

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Obama’s forgiveness of gun crimes amid push for controls ‘incredible hypocrisy’

“The president has commuted the sentences of dangerous criminals who were convicted of gun-related charges. But then, he does everything in his power to block law-abiding gun owners from purchasing firearms.”

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Gun Owners of America Supports Kelli Ward in Defeating ‘Gun-Grabbing Globalist John McCain’

"Gun Owners of America was one of the earliest endorsers of Dr. Kelli Ward in the race against the gun-grabbing globalist John McCain," Tim Macy said.

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GOA Declares Victory Over Safeguarding Seniors' Gun Rights in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s judges are refusing to comply with a directive from the state attorney general to report the names of some with mental illnesses [including, in the most extreme cases, seniors who have had guardians appointed to handle their finances] to a federal database of prohibited gun possessors.

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Self-Defense Corner

  • Caught in the Act
  • Woman Stops Felon
  • Robber Fatally Shot
  • Teen Shoots Burglar
  • Clerk Stops Robbery

Bridgeport man corners armed burglar at gunpoint

BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport man says he cornered a burglar in his home and held the man at gunpoint until police arrived.

David Archilla, 44, tells News 12 he was getting ready to go to work around 4:45 a.m. Friday when he came face to face with a burglar in his kitchen, armed with a knife. 

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: AZ Open Carrier Shoots, Kills Armed Felon

Carolann Miracle was open carrying in the early morning hours of August 1. The 4-feet, 11-inch, 85-pound Arizonan was leaving a gas station with a drink in her hand and a GLOCK on her hip.

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Concealed Permit Holder Shoots Alleged Robber in Head at Family Dollar

On Sunday, a concealed carry permit holder shot an alleged robber in the head at a Family Dollar in Cleveland, Ohio.

According to Fox 8, at approximately 3:00 p.m., “the man with the [concealed] permit and the accused robber shot at each other, but only the suspect was injured.” The permit holder was a patron, not an employee.

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Teen Shoots Burglar In Leg With Shotgun — That’s Gotta Hurt

MYRTLE, OREGON — If there’s ever a reason to ensure your kids grow up handling firearms in a safe, nurturing environment, this story has got to hit close to home. An Oregon teenager used a shotgun to stop a burglar from breaking into his home.

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Armed Clerk Draws Pistol, Stops Armed Robber

CINCINNATI, OHIO — The tables get turned on an armed robber who brazenly walked into a gas station with his pistol drawn. The clerk was a licensed concealed carrier and seeing the surgical gloves, handgun, and mask, quickly figured out what was going on and let his training take over. He managed to score one direct hit and that was enough to force the robber to flee.

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