WV: The Future of Your Gun Rights Lies in the Hands of Senator Manchin

I’m sure you know by now how we are very close to getting universal gun owner registration. 

Nancy Pelosi’s house just passed H.R. 8which would create the basis for a national gun registry. 

And they also passed H.R. 1446, which would lengthen background check delays.  

But did you know that the first bill, H.R. 8, is similar to a bill that Senator Joe Manchin championed in 2013?

Here’s the dire threat that gun owners are now facing: The only way that Manchin can get his national gun registry is if he caves on the filibuster.

The Senate filibuster is the only thing keeping HR 8 and HR 1446 from passing right now.

This shouldn’t be a hard choice.  If the legislative filibuster is eliminated, Democrats can pass much more than just gun control. They would push the Green New Deal, a carbon tax, and a ban on fossil fuels.  West Virginia’s economy would be trashed.

So will Manchin betray his state to pass gun control?  Will the filibuster be obliterated, thereby putting AOC in charge of the national agenda?

Every indication is that the answer is “yes.”

Fox News quoted Manchin as saying that while he still supports the filibuster, “it should be painful” to use. In other words, it should be more difficult for the Minority Party to use it.

What does that mean for you? It means that your Senator is now open to limiting the filibuster — thus allowing horrible legislation, like the gun registry in H.R. 8, to become law.

Likewise, Breitbart is reporting that Manchin is willing to use the “simple majority reconciliation process in the future to pass legislation.”

If Manchin allows the Senate to obliterate the filibuster in order to pass gun control, everything else will come in through the same gap in the wall: D.C. Statehood, court packing, the carbon tax, an end to fossil fuels, and so forth.

Joe Manchin needs to understand this threat.  Otherwise, the wily Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will succeed in tricking Manchin into selling out West Virginia.

I know that I’ve asked you to contact Sen. Manchin on this topic of filibusters many times.

But we can’t let up now. We have to double down.

Please take action today. He may be the last man standing who can preserve our Republic.