Democrat’s Secret Hidden Intent Behind Anti-Gun Bill H.R. 8

There’s a lot of talk about the H.R. 8 anti-gun bill that just passed the House of Representatives. This would, in fact, be a back-door gun registry; but we find much more devious intentions when we read between the lines of this potential legislation.

The Democrats’ H.R. 8 bill has two purposes.

  1. Create a gun registry. Our government has no business knowing who has guns and where they’re located, which may be why they so desperately want to be able to do exactly that.
  2. Deny and Delay the gun-ownership of lawful American citizens. This would be achieved through a system that is already flawed and often leaves law-abiding citizens unarmed and defenseless.

H.R. 8 is an Act to require a background check for every firearm sale. Those who don’t know any better might say, “so what’s the big deal with a firearms background check?” That’s exactly what anti-gun bureaucrats want you to think. But it’s a huge deal. Not only is H.R. 8 an infringement on our rights protected by the 2nd Amendment, but it’s also detrimental to the gun-ownership of law-abiding citizens.

Senior Vice President of Gun Owners of America, Erich Pratt said, “Under H.R. 8, virtually every transfer of a gun would become illegal if one doesn’t jump through the proper hoops to register the transaction. And yet the bill will do nothing to stop bad guys from getting guns because they steal their guns or get them on the black market. So, like any other gun control law that has ever passed, this bill will only affect the law-abiding.”…

Anti-self-defense hate groups like Moms Demand Action love to parrot the false talking point that background checks prevent criminals from getting guns but they fail to tell you about deaths caused by the delays a faulty background check system cause. Carol Bowne being one of them. 43 days after Carol applied for her handgun permit in her home state of New Jersey, she was stabbed to death by the very man she feared. New Jersey legislators decided that Carol should wait an extended period of time before being able to defend herself, even though she had previously reported her killer to police and even obtained a restraining order against him. Carol Bowne did everything she could within the law to protect herself. But the State of New Jersey decided that they knew better.

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