WA: Three Gun Control Bills are Moving and Could be Voted on Soon

Unfortunately, the gun-grabbers are hard at work in Washington lately. 

Many bills have been introduced to hinder your right to bear arms. The top three that have a chance of passing are the following:  

  • SB 5038 – sponsored by Senator Patty Kuderer – would prohibit the open carry of certain weapons at publicly-permitted demonstrations and at the state capitol. It passed in the Senate and is awaiting action in the State House. 
  • HB 1283 – sponsored by Rep. Tana Senn – would make it a crime to open carry under certain circumstances that would offend liberals. This bill left committee and is awaiting a House Floor hearing. 
  • SB 5078 – Sponsored by Senator Marko Liias – would ban high-capacity magazines, with very limited ability to grandfather previously owned magazines. This bill left committee and is awaiting a Senate Floor hearing. 

Please take action and urge your legislators to oppose these bills!