VA pushes first gun-control bill amid statewide uproar

Virginia’s Democratic governor is ignoring the views of tens of thousands of Second Amendment-supporting citizens because he looks down on them, says the attorney for a pro-gun organization.

An estimated 22,000 gun-rights supporters flooded Richmond this week to protest far-reaching “gun safety” measures being proposed by Gov. Ralph Northam and the Democratic-controlled legislature.

Two days after the massive protest, the state Senate narrowly passed a red-flag bill, in a 21-19 vote, that sends the measure to the House of Delegates…

Mike Hammond. legislative counsel at Gun Owners of America, says Northam is proving his bigoted view of gunowners by ignoring their overwhelming opposition.

“And certainly gun owners, people who respect the Second Amendment,” Hammond says, “are very much people who disagree with Northam’s gun confiscation agenda.”

Regarding the proposed red-flag law, an issue that often splits gun-rights activists, Hammond says there is legitimate concern about restricting someone’s Second Amendment rights because someone else files an unsubstantiated claim against the gun owner.

“And on the basis of that the SWAT team arrives at the gun owner’s home in the middle of the night,” he warns. “And if things go wrong, as they have on occasion, the gun owner gets shot to death.”

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