Dallas-Fort Worth Press Release

Gun Owners of America Activists Dominated Committee Hearing

Gun Owners of America activists dominated the public testimony period at yesterday’s hearing of the Texas House Select Committee on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety.

During nearly three hours of public input, gun rights activists repeatedly stated that the most effective legislative solution to make 

Texas safer is to encourage law-abiding citizens to carry firearms for their own self-protection. GOA members called for the legislature to end “gun-free” zones and stop requiring a government license to carry a handgun.

Rachel Malone, Texas Director for Gun Owners of America, stated the following:

“Today, Gun Owners of America activists demonstrated that we care deeply about protecting precious life and we want Texans to be as safe as possible.

“Armed citizens make Texas safer. Gun Owners of America (GOA) calls on the members of the Texas Legislature to encourage lawful gun carry. Acknowledge that guns are used many more times each year to protect innocent life than to harm it. Join the majority of the states and allow people who can legally own handguns to carry them without a government permit. 

“Additionally, GOA calls on the Texas Legislature to give Texans freedom of choice to carry a gun where they wish. Criminals will not be deterred by “gun-free” zone laws. In fact, criminals tend to choose “gun-free” or “gun-limited” zones to carry out mass attacks. However, when law-abiding Texans are able to carry a gun for protection, they have a fighting chance at saving their own lives and perhaps many others.

“GOA affirms Constitutional protections on gun owners’ free speech and the right to be secure in their own possessions. We condemn any attempt to stigmatize or malign gun owners in Texas. We oppose social media monitoring that identifies gun owners as threats. We oppose expanding the government’s ability to receive private information from internet-based private organizations; this violates gun owners’ Fourth Amendment rights. 

“Unfortunately, some witnesses at yesterday’s hearing presented misleading information to the committee. I’d like to set the record straight: expanded background checks will not make Texas safer. 

“Criminals do not follow the law. People who decide to commit mass violence will always find some tools to carry out their evil plans. The government will never stop all crime before it happens.

“Instead of hoping to create a law that criminals will follow, the legislature should focus on positive solutions that truly make Texas safer. Increase community safety by encouraging law-abiding citizens to carry guns. And never sacrifice our liberties for a pretense of security.”