GOA to Hold News Conference in Concord, NH

Media Advisory
Contact: Alan Rice, GOA New Hampshire State Director, 703-321-8585

Concord, NH – State Representative John Burt will hold a press conference on October 17, 2019, at 9 AM in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building on needed reforms at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. 

What: Press Conference on Nomination for Executive Director to NH Fish and Game Dept.
When: Thursday, October 17, 2019
Time: Presser begins at 9 AM
Where: Lobby of the Legislative Office Building

GOA New Hampshire State Director, Alan Rice and Legislative Counsel, Michael Hammond have been invited to participate along with other Second Amendment advocates.

“GOA is delighted that the Fish and Game Commission has declined to nominate Glen Normandeau for another four year term,” Alan Rice said. “We hope that the assault on the Second Amendment rights of New Hampshire citizens by a state agency will come to an abrupt end with Mr. Normandeau’s departure — which can’t come soon enough.”

Under Normandeau’s “leadership” the Fish and Game Department has:

  • Opposed Constitutional Carry;
  • Opposed the decriminalization of carrying loaded rifles and shotguns in cars;
  • Opposed extending Constitutional Carry to snowmobiles and ATVs;
  • Opposed allowing sound suppressors to be used for hunting;
  • Proposed and got enacted administrative rules that violate the Fourth and Fifth amendments.

Gun Owners of America is not involved with wildlife management or conservation. 

“However, when a state agency which is charged with that task strays from that mission and tramples Second Amendment civil rights, we are forced to become involved,” Rice continued. “Normandeau’s behavior is even more outrageous because the Fish and Game Department receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal gun and ammunition tax money — taxes that are mostly paid by non-hunters.”

“GOA is urging Governor Sununu to reject any nominee for the position of Executive Director of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department who is not 100 percent committed to the Second Amendment.  The Governor should demand that any nominee will commit to reverse Normandeau’s anti-gun legacy,” Rice concluded.

Please attend the press conference for more details on the massive civil liberties violations committed by New Hampshire Fish and Game.

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