Vote Briscoe Cain for Texas House District 128

May 20, 2016

Dear Friend of Liberty,

GOA is the only gun group to endorse Ted Cruz for President and we are proudly asking you to vote for Briscoe Cain in Texas House District 128.

There have been some who are confused by the mixed messages in this race but be assured Briscoe Cain is 110% pro-gun and his opponent’s attempt to paint Briscoe as anything else is simply a distraction from the real issues. 

Don’t be distracted by Wayne Smith’s smear campaign. If you want a strong, committed 2nd amendment defender in the Texas House, vote for Briscoe Cain. 

Briscoe not only fully supports your gun rights, but he is also a leader who understands that the cause of liberty must be advanced by actively engaging in the battle for freedom.

Briscoe Cain will lead that fight in the Texas House.

Election Day for the runoff is Tuesday, May 24.

Click here for more information about Briscoe Cain and to get involved in this very important race.