Bloomberg’s Minions Attack Constitutional Carry In Missouri

Missori Senate Bill 656 and House Bill 1468 do one thing: they recognize the most basic of human rights, the right to be armed to defend your life, the life of your loved ones, and other souls you would risk your own life to defend.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s current favorite anti-gun vanity project, Moms Demand Action, is not pleased about the state being on the cusp of joining a sudden flood of states returning to permitless or “Constitutional” carry.

They’ve set forth their local public relations figurehead, Becky Morgan, to sell fear.

“We’re asking Missouri lawmakers to put public safety ahead of the interests of the gun lobby,” said Becky Morgan, volunteer chapter leader of the Missouri chapter of Moms Demand Action. “An overwhelming majority of Missourians—including law enforcement officers, gun owners, and non-gun owners alike—support our existing law, which requires handgun safety training, a criminal background check, and a permit to carry a concealed, loaded handgun in public. It defies common sense to dismantle our current law and make it easier for dangerous people to carry hidden, loaded handguns in public. It’s time our lawmakers listen to their constituents and the law enforcement officers sworn to protect them.”

Let’s read the core of her complaint one more time.

It defies common sense to dismantle our current law and make it easier for dangerous people to carry hidden, loaded handguns in public.

Ms. Morgan, Mr. Bloomberg and their allies always studiously avoid two indisputable facts. The first is that the dangerous criminals we need to worry about already avoid handgun safety training*, criminal background checks, and permits. This assures us that the only people who are unarmed under the current scheme are those law-abiding souls with no intention of hurting others.

The second fact these activists studiously avoid is that Constitutional carry is already the law of the land in many states, and the “blood on the streets” that they keep promising never materializes. The exact same tired argument has been trotted out every time we’ve past laws to restore gun rights for the past 30+ years across the nation. The Wild West has still never materialized, even after decades of gun control supporters shrieking that the simple and righteous act of returning rights to our citizens would result in wave after wave of shootings over minor disagreements.

Missourians are owned their natural, basic human right to self defense without permission from a far-off government.

Missouri’s House overwhelmingly passed House Bill 1168.

Please do your part and encourage your legislators to vote in favor of Senate Bill 656, and return liberty to the “Show Me” state.

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