Vote Kyle Biedermann for Texas House District 73

Elect a Pro-Second Amendment Champion
Kyle Biedermann for Texas House District 73

Dear Friend of Liberty,

You can make a difference on Tuesday, May 24th.

How? By voting for Kyle Biedermann in the Republican primary runoff election in House District 73. 

Kyle is a stalwart Second Amendment advocate who will represent law-abiding gun owners across the state.

As you are undoubtedly aware, the anti-gun Left has put Texas in its sights.  It wants nothing more than to turn this state into a Democrat stronghold so that conservatives are in a permanent minority.

We have to battle the Left at the national level…statewide…and in State House districts in every county of Texas.  We must elect strong leaders who will stand up and protect our constitutional rights.

Kyle Biedermann is the right person for the job.

Kyle not only supports your gun rights 100%, but he is also a leader who understands that the cause of liberty must be advanced by actively engaging in the battle for freedom. 

Kyle Biedermann will lead that fight in the Texas House.  

Let’s work together and elect a pro-gun champion who will work for Texans on the floor of the Texas Capitol. 

Election Day for the runoff is Tuesday, May 24.

Click here for more information on how you can support Kyle Biedermann and get involved in this important race.