Learn How to Testify For Pro-Gun Bills with Rachel Malone

Learn How to Testify For Pro-Gun Bills

Make Plans to Attend the “Learn to Testify” Event in Your Area! Event locations are below.


The 2A Battle is raging right now — please join today!

Lawmakers Need to Hear from You!

Dear friend,

I have a plan for passing Constitutional Carry in Texas — and the plan includes you!

When the legislative session starts in January, we’ll have five short months to get a great bill all the way through the complicated legislative process. At the same time, we’ll be fighting dangerous gun control measures that are sure to be pushed by the gun-grabbers.

My voice in the Capitol is not nearly enough. I need an army of activists like you showing up and speaking up when it matters.

That’s why I’m traveling all over Texas starting next week. I’m holding “Learn to Testify” trainings to teach you the secrets of the Texas legislature so you’ll be ready to help score wins for gun rights.


Here’s the list of confirmed events. Click the links for more!

Sept. 17 – Balmorhea, TX (lunch) (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Sept. 17 – Lubbock, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite registration)
Sept. 18 – Abilene, TX (lunch) (Facebook)
Sept. 19 – Pearland, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Sept. 20 – Spring, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Sept. 24 – Orange, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Sept. 25 – Liberty, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Sept. 26 – College Station, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Sept. 27 – Baytown, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Sept. 29 – Austin, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Oct. 1 – The Woodlands/Conroe, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Oct. 15 – Bastrop, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Oct. 18 – Ft. Worth, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Nov. 8 – Cisco, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Nov. 10 – Dallas, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Nov. 12 – Llano, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Nov. 13 – Midland-Odessa, TX (Facebook)
Nov. 14 – San Angelo, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Nov. 15 – Mesquite, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Nov. 16 – Corsicana, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Nov. 27 – Fredericksburg, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Nov. 29 – San Antonio, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite)
Dec. 8 – McAllen, TX (Facebook | Eventbrite registration)

Everyday Texans have the power to get bills through — if you understand the process. So I’m counting on you to show up and speak up when it counts.

An army of activists showing up at the Capitol during a lobby day or a committee hearing can change public policy. And a flood of coordinated phone calls or emails can have an amazing way of getting bills “unstuck” or making committee chairs decide to bring items up for a vote instead of leaving them to die.

Please join me when I’m in your area so we can get to know each other and be ready to work for no-compromise gun rights legislation.

Bring your friends, too — we need more everyday Texans learning about the legislative process!

Together we can make amazing progress on gun rights and make sure gun control doesn’t stand a chance.

For liberty,
Rachel Malone
Texas Director, Gun Owners of America

PS. GOA is fighting for gun rights from Austin to Washington DC. If you haven’t already, please consider joining to help advance the Second Amendment!