Immediately Call Your State Lawmakers to Oppose Gun Control!

Please call your State Representative to OPPOSE Gun Control! Find your state representative’s number here.

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Tell Your Lawmakers to Stand Firm for the 2A

Dear Friend:

Florida lawmakers are working overtime debating gun rights.

So that means gun owners and 2A supporters in Florida need to put in an extra effort to defeat gun control. 

So please pick up the phone right away and call your state representative to oppose SB 7026 (or any companion bill.) You can find your representative’s phone number here.

This nasty bill would raise the age to purchase a firearm, mandate a three-day waiting period to buy a firearm, ban bump stocks and more.

Gun owners know that no gun control would’ve stopped the tragic Parkland shooting, and state representatives need to be reminded of that.

Tell your state representative that you oppose every word of gun control.

Again, you can find your representative’s phone number here.

No gun control proposal, whether raising the age, banning bump stocks (which were not used in the Parkland shooting), or a waiting period will have any effect on criminals.

So politely, yet firmly, call your state representatives to oppose SB 7026 (or any companion bill.)

In Liberty,

Jordan Stein
Director of Communications

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