SC: SHOCKING: Republican Attempts to Remove Constitutional Carry from Bill

Sen. Chip Campsen’s Amendment Removes Constitutional Carry

Dear friend,

The South Carolina Senate displayed a fireworks show as several anti-gun amendments were debated and passed late into the night.

And the jaws’ of gun owners should be on the floor after what happened.

In one of the most shocking moves ever seen in a state capitol, “Republican” Senator Chip Campsen introduced an amendment to remove the Constitutional Carry language from the bill, leaving only increased penalties for gun crimes.

Yes, you read that right, a self-described “avid hunter,” Chip Campsen, sought to remove your freedom to carry a firearm free of government oppression from the bill.

To pile on, other powerful Senate “Republicans,” such as Sen. Stephen Goldfinch, supported this amendment as well.

Constituents of these “Republicans” may want to call and politely ask why they do not support your right to carry a firearm freely.

  • Sen. Chip Campsen – (803) 212-6340
  • Sen. Stephen Goldfinch — (803) 212-6172

To be very clear, Sen. Campsen’s amendment failed, albeit narrowly, by a 24-19 vote. Constitutional Carry is alive, for now.

However, this amendment vote does show you which Senators support your constitutional rights, and which — despite what is said on the campaign trail — do not.

While I wish I had more good news to report, two more anti-gun amendments were added, such as a duty to report a lost or stolen firearm and increased penalties for Constitutional Carriers. The latter would effectively create two classes of gun owners with different “privileges” granted to them by the state.

Because of the addition of these amendments, the bill will eventually have to go back to the House of Representatives. It is possible, however, that these amendments could be removed in that chamber.

You can contact both your Senator and Representative here. Tell them the same message, pass clean Constitutional Carry!

In Liberty,

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America