SC: Calling Clean Up Crew for Constitutional Carry!

This campaign has expired

Do you know a good janitor? His services will be needed on Tuesday, February 6th in Columbia.

The legislation formerly known as “Constitutional Carry” — now properly referred to as “Compromised Carry” — has passed the Senate and now must go back to the House of Representatives.

Unfortunately, this bill has been hijacked by anti-gun amendments, produced by turncoat Republicans in the Senate. Some of the poison pills that have been added to the legislation are:

  • A duty to report a lost/stolen firearm.
  • Increased penalties for Constitutional Carriers.

To be clear, GOA is opposed to this “Compromised Carry” bill, and any anti-gun amendment should be removed.

The House must clean up the mess made by the Senate, but they may fail to do so if you do not act. It will take an historic effort by South Carolina gun owners to pass a clean bill.

They will consider this legislation on Tuesday, February 6th. Please contact your Representative to remove these anti-gun amendments and pass a clean bill!