GOA Victories in Court!

The battle to defend your 2A rights in 2024 has only just begun

Thanks to your support, GOA and our allies are beating the anti-gun extremists in court.

Yesterday, a federal judge held that California’s required background checks on ammunition sales violated the Second Amendment, and ordered California to stop enforcing that law.

And earlier in January, GOA’s attorneys were part of a team effort to strike down several “Gun-Free Zones” in California. We successfully encouraged a panel on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to prevent anti-gunners from enforcing their ban on carrying firearms throughout much of the state.

Our battle to defend your God-given rights in 2024 has only just begun. We’re fighting the anti-gun lobby all across the nation, and at all levels – all the way to the Supreme Court!

But to keep beating the well-funded anti-gun machine and their army of bloodthirsty lawyers, bureaucrats, and lobbyists, we humbly rely on the support of gun owners like YOU to ensure we have the resources to stay in every single battle until the bitter end.

Please make a contribution to GOA’s Legal Defense Fund to help us keep winning the fight to defend your Second Amendment rights in court all throughout 2024.

(We know that Joe Biden certainly hasn’t made life easy for Americans, so if you cannot donate at this time, please do not feel pressured to contribute.)

Below are just some of the legal battles that GOA has been involved with during the past month and a half:

  • GOA has been fighting the bump stock ban since 2018. In fact, GOA’s case was the first one to achieve a victory in the courts – a victory that occurred in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Now, a bump stock case will be heard at the Supreme Court, and earlier this month when GOA filed a supporting brief on behalf of this case, plaintiff Michael Cargill conveyed “a big huge thank you” to GOA members.
  • GOA submitted a brief before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals challenging California’s ban on standard capacity magazines.
  • GOA filed a complaint in federal district court challenging California’s unconstitutional and costly requirement that FFLs record video and audio of everything that occurs in their stores – and in some cases, in their homes.
  • GOA filed an appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, where GOA is challenging the national waiting period for firearm purchases by 18–20-year-olds.
  • GOA is suing the ATF in federal court on behalf of hundreds of gun stores around the country, and we are challenging the ATF’s Zero Tolerance policy as unconstitutional in two separate lawsuits.
  • GOA filed suit in Virginia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Tennessee – and we are arguing in each jurisdiction to strike down bans on carrying firearms in public parks.
  • GOA filed its opening brief in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals over the New Mexico governor’s unconstitutional order, which banned firearm carry in Albuquerque.
  • In a Michigan federal court, GOA is seeking to overturn the ATF’s refusal to allow Michigan’s concealed weapons license holders to bypass NICS background checks during firearm purchases.
  • GOA also filed two friend-of-the-court briefs in two cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. One challenge would prevent the ability of government officials to squelch the First Amendment rights of gun organizations. The second would limit the ability of government agencies (like the ATF) to bypass the role of Congress by issuing regulations that carry the force of law.

We also know that we can NEVER blindly put our faith in Congress to defend the Second Amendment.

While we will always hold representatives’ feet to the fire to get them to act, we know that no one will fight harder for our God-given rights than ourselves.

That’s why GOA is preparing to fill the void left by Congress’ inaction to push for concealed carry reciprocity by suing states that are preventing out-of-state citizens from carrying in their jurisdictions.

But to win all of the many battles that lie ahead in 2024, GOA will need support from as many patriots as possible to protect our God-given rights.

So please, make a contribution to GOA’s Legal Defense Fund to help us keep winning the fight to defend your Second Amendment rights in court all throughout 2024.