Gun Control Heading to Governor Joe Lombardo’s Desk!

Nevada Patriots, the anti-gunners in the legislature successfully rammed two heinous gun control through the Senate, and as of late yesterday, both bills are heading to Governor Joe Lombardo’s desk for his signature.

A third gun control bill is going to the Assembly for a final vote as well.

I need you to call Gov. Lombardo and request he veto these unconstitutional bills ASAP.

You can call Gov. Lombardo at: (775) 684-5670.

If signed into law by Gov. Lombardo, these bills will:

  • Unconstitutionally strip gun rights away from law-abiding 18–20-year-old adults in Nevada (AB 355).
  • Expand so-called “gun free” zones throughout Nevada – leaving you defenseless (AB 354).
  • Dump scores of Nevadans into the prohibited person “gun ban” list beyond what the federal law states (SB 171).

These horrible bills do nothing to deter the criminal element, but only disarm law-abiding citizens, further stripping us of our God-given right to keep and bear arms!

How is it that 18-20-year-old men and women can bear arms and fight for this country, but they can’t protect themselves and their family from an evil criminal that looks for the next soft target to attack? That makes no sense!

Now is the time to hold Governor Joe Lombardo to his word and protect your 2nd Amendment rights! Tell the Governor that you strongly oppose the tyrannical left’s agenda to destroy our constitution with more gun control against the law-abiding people of Nevada!

You can call Gov. Lombardo at: (775) 684-5670.