LA | Constitutional Carry Moving in the Louisiana House!

As the days quickly pass in this year’s regular legislative session, I am happy to report that Constitutional Carry bill HB 131, authored by Rep. Danny McCormick, passed out of committee and has been returned to the House of Representatives for a full vote.

Please Take Action to urge your representative to VOTE YES on Constitutional Carry bill HB 131!

This past Tuesday, GOA together with many other Second Amendment advocates, came to the Louisiana State Capitol in support of HB 131, and after a long day of testimony, delays, and more testimony, HB 131 was passed with near unanimous support (8-0-1). Now, HB131 has been returned to the House and is waiting on the Speaker to schedule it for a vote.

As I mentioned, the session is passing quickly and with less than twenty days remaining, if Louisiana is to become the twenty-eighth state to pass constitutional carry, it is imperative that the House pass HB 131 as soon as possible so that it has time to make its way through the Senate!

That is why, in addition to asking your State Representative to support HB 131, I am asking that you please call Speaker Schexnayder’s office ((225) 342-7263) IMMEDIATELY and urge the following:

  1. That as a Louisiana Citizen, you support Constitutional Carry bill HB 131 and urge the Speaker to VOTE YES on HB 131.
  2.  That the Speaker move the vote on Constitutional Carry bill HB 131 up to Monday, May 22, so that the House can pass the bill to the Senate as soon as possible.

Though the clock on this session is ticking, it is not too late!

There is still time to let your representative and the Speaker know that the people of Louisiana not only support HB 131, but also their God-given right to keep and bear arms.

Patriots, please Take Action to send a respectful message urging your representative to vote YES on Constitutional Carry bill HB 131!

Then call Speaker Schexnayder at (225) 342-7263.