Help us defeat waiting periods and gun bans in NH!

Urge your Senators to vote NO on gun control

Email your state senator and Gov. Sununu (at the bottom of this alert) to oppose HB 109, HB 514 and HB 564!

Urge your State Lawmakers to Reject Gun Control

A few days ago, I testified against three horrible anti-gun bills.

I need you to take action today.

Do not wait; the Senate Judiciary Committee can hold an executive session to vote on all of these bills at any time!

Here’s what we’re facing:

  • HB 109 will send you to jail for selling, loaning or giving a gun to a friend or family member.
  • HB 514 will force you to wait up to twelve days between purchasing a gun and bringing it home and includes for the first time ever in New Hampshire a mandatory training requirement.  
  • HB 564 will make our children less safe by putting law-abiding adults in jail who carry a self-defense gun into a school or even on school property.

Here is an analysis of the three bills:

1) The supporters of HB 109 were not being honest when they made the claim that guns can be ordered online and shipped to a person’s home.  

Firearms traveling interstate must be shipped to a federally-licensed firearms dealer for transfer to — and background check of — the purchaser.  Failure to follow this procedure is a felony.

Private sales in New Hampshire, that is sales or transfers between two non-dealers, are heavily regulated as well.  Under current state law, a buyer and seller must be personally known to one another.

If they are not, the buyer must have a New Hampshire Pistol / Revolver license which a person cannot obtain if they are prohibited from owning firearms by state or federal law.

Because it is illegal under provisions of federal law for a dealer to transfer a firearm to a minor, and a handgun to a person under age 21, HB 109 becomes a de facto gun ban for young people — irrespective of the wishes of parents or guardians.  

Hunting and shooting by minors in New Hampshire will effectively become illegal.

Consider how HB 109 would have failed to prevent Newtown (which involved a stolen gun), Aurora (where the gunman passed a background check), Tucson (where the killer passed background check), and practically every other modern American tragedy.  

2) The same people who are trying to ram this bill into law — which bans private sales between friends and family members — are also telling us that a background check is not good enough.  

They are pushing HB 514, which will require gun buyers to wait up to twelve days between purchase and delivery of a firearm from a licensed dealer.  

Supporters are even claiming that HB 514 will allow law enforcement to conduct additional checks on gun buyers even though HB 514 has no such requirement.  

The truth is that HB 514 will end gun shows in New Hampshire and, with its burdensome record-keeping requirements, will possibly force many smaller dealers out of business.  

Dealers are mandated to allow law enforcement to examine their records — with absolutely no requirement to obtain a search warrant or to show they are investigating a specific crime.  

This provision can easily be abused by unscrupulous law enforcement officers, such as Fish and Game Conservation Officers, who already have a dismal reputation when it comes to civil liberties violations.

And for the first time ever in New Hampshire, new gun owners will be subjected to a one-size-fits-all mandatory training requirement if they wish to avoid the wait on a new rifle or shotgun.  Handgun buyers would still be forced to wait up to twelve days to take home a new firearm.

3) HB 564 is equally bad.  At the recent public hearing on HB 564, one person even testified that it should just be amended to copy the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act.  

No it shouldn’t.  

New Hampshire is consistently ranked as one of the safest places on earth.  

Why would anyone want to change our state laws to make it more difficult to carry a firearm and set up our state to suffer from the violence that plagues anti-gun places like New York City and Chicago?

Also, please contact all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge them to vote HB 109, HB 514 and HB 564 “inexpedient to legislate.”  Here are their numbers:

Then, please urge your state senator ABOVE and Governor Sununu BELOW to oppose HB 109, HB 514 and HB 564!