Elder Care Gun Confiscation Still Alive, Urge the Governor to Veto!

I’m sending you this short note to let you know that even though the legislature has recessed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GOA has been hard at work fighting gun control.  Please click here to read examples from some of our most recent national alerts.

You’ll read about GOA’s efforts to restore concealed carry on Army Corps of Engineers land and to keep gun control from being added to the COVID-19 bill. Plus, you’ll also see videos of GOA spokesmen fighting against gun control in the media.

Even though the New Hampshire General Court has been in recess due to the COVID-19 pandemic, gun confiscation is still a threat.  HB 1660, the Elder Care gun confiscation bill which passed both the House and Senate on party line votes, will be enrolled and sent to Governor Sununu’s desk when the legislature returns to Concord.

Make no mistake, HB 1660 and all the other gun control that GOA is opposed to and described here is still in play.

To learn more about why HB 1660 is bad and why you should urge Governor Sununu to veto HB 1660 please see our previous alerts by clicking here, here and here.

Since we know that HB 1660 will soon be on Governor Sununu’s desk, it is not to early to start contacting him to let him know you expect him to veto HB 1660, which is essentially the same as HB 696 — a bill that he vetoed last year.