PA: Oppose HB 2440. Leave Outdoor Sportsman Clubs Alone

Clubs in the Sights of Legislators

Your immediate action is necessary since HB 2440 (Kortz-D) will be voted on in the House State Government Committee tomorrow (Thursday, April 30th).

HB 2440 is the latest government attempt to use the COVID-19 pandemic to regulate aspects of Pennsylvania’s economy and essential activities through legislative fiat.

Democrats and Republicans have teamed up against outdoor sportsman clubs to force draconian social distancing requirements and clubhouse closures.

HB 2440 would mandate that clubs implement social distancing and mask requirements, including limiting only five shooters in each range at a time.

The range limitations apply to archery, handgun, rifle, and shotgun ranges. Yeah, that’s pretty much everything.

The bill would also require that clubhouses be closed.

And if you don’t comply, your local outdoor sportsman club will be shuttered by the strong arm of government.

If your outdoor sportsman club is anything like mine, you know that it is filled with responsible adults who maintain their facilities and believe in caring for the environment.

That’s why they can be trusted with voluntarily implementing social distancing recommendations without the force of law.

And many are doing just that!

So, please take a moment to send a message (see above) to your state representatives immediately to oppose HB 2440. Let them know that you believe responsible adults can be trusted to do the right thing.