163 House Republicans Announce Opposition to Gun Confiscation

Let me recap what happened this last week before we get to the good news.

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Last week, GOA notified you that the House of Representatives was about to vote on “red flag” gun confiscation orders for our military servicemembers.

GOA fought alongside many allies in Congress, including pro-gun Representatives Chip Roy, Bob Good, Dan Bishop, Lauren Boebert, Andrew Clyde, and Matt Rosendale to push back against the bill.

Unfortunately, the bill still passed the House of Representatives with only 75 House Republicans voting against the bill, which contained the anti-gun provisions.

The Swamp was hoping gun owners wouldn’t notice the gun control buried in the 1,362 page FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act.

But because of your collective loud voice, they couldn’t help but notice.

Tweet from Texas Representative Chip Roy

You held Republicans accountable for letting the bill pass by demanding answers on their official social media platforms, at local town halls and meetings, and with GOA Action Alert emails.

The result?

Your spark ignited a firestorm in Congress!

Members of Congress spent all week trying to explain away their vote and trying to downplay their vote in favor of “red flag” gun confiscation orders.

After the vote, some Republican Representatives indicated that they didn’t know the red flag provision was in the bill, and that a Democrat staffer must have stuck it in.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw suggested that the provision, which GOA was concerned about, was debatably a gun confiscation order. (He later conceded that it was.) He also said there was a previous “deal” that would result in the provision being stripped out later.

However, GOA has spoken with several Republican representatives who told us that they never heard about any such “deal.” And they voted against H.R. 4350 because of provisions like the gun confiscation orders that GOA was concerned about.

One Representative told GOA that Democrats always load up bills like the National Defense Authorization Act with “a bunch of crap” because they can’t get gun control passed any other way.

He opined that a better strategy would have been to first defeat the bill, then strip out the gun confiscation and pass the bill.

Another Representative told GOA that he’s concerned that by voting for confiscation as part of a bigger bill, they “normalize it.” Next time, he said, the provision won’t come out because “Republicans voted for it.”

Thankfully, pro-2A activists kept up the pressure! And here is the result.

Because of YOUR efforts, YOUR activism, because of YOU, Republicans just joined the fight.

That’s right!

163 Members of the House of Representatives just issued a statement, announcing their opposition to the “military court gun confiscation orders” in the bill.

That is a HUGE win for the Second Amendment!

Immediately, this means 163 Republicans are backing GOA’s grassroots efforts to remove “red flag” gun confiscation orders from this bill.

In the 116th Congress we raised the alarm and were able to successfully have the offensive language removed in conference negotiations.

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This commitment from Republicans in the 117th Congress means gun owners have a lot of leverage going into the upcoming conference negotiations.

No matter which way you slice it, today is a victory for gun owners nationwide.

Congress is no longer ignoring the military court gun confiscation orders contained in the FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, the gun control language is likely doomed in conference negotiations, and many Republicans just went on record opposing gun confiscation orders for the first time ever.

Please, stay tuned for GOA’s next action alerts.

We will alert you when it’s time for the next battle—or even to resume the fight over military court gun confiscation orders should something go wrong.

But for today, rest easy.

Let’s celebrate this victory for the Second Amendment!