Help GOA fight New York State!

Just because we get a win at the Supreme Court, doesn’t mean we can go home and take a victory lap. Here at Gun Owners of America, the fight ends when your gun rights aren’t infringed and not sooner. Join us in the fight.

Anti-gunners are trying to find loopholes to circumvent the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision from earlier this year that reaffirmed your God-given right to keep and bear arms. 

That’s why we’re fighting so hard to OVERTURN New York’s draconian gun control law that puts virtually the entire state off limits to concealed carry permit holders. 

Ever since SCOTUS told New York they have to give people conceal carry permits, New York has responded by making life more difficult to function as a normal citizen who doesn’t want to get shot while being required to be defenseless. 

If New York gets away with enacting their tyrannical assault on the Second Amendment, anti-gun mayors and governors all across America will believe they have free rein to follow suit. 

It’s critical that we nip this trend in the bud before it triggers a domino effect of anti-gun assaults from coast to coast. 

New York is clinging to something called the “sensitive places” doctrine, which claims that certain “sensitive” areas can be turned into “gun free zones.” 

It’s one thing to make that claim about courtrooms, area 51, or prisons, but just because the New York Subway system feels like a prison, doesn’t mean you can legislate as if it is. 

Imagine if they enforced public urination laws as much as they did their gun control laws. 

The good news, is GOA has been fighting on this front, and we have an update. 

The New York judge who is hearing our case responded favorably to our position against these bogus “sensitive places” that are arbitrarily created to restrict gun rights – but dismissed our case on very technical grounds.  

But we’re not giving up the fight. Our lawsuit is initially seeking a Temporary Restraining Order, and ultimately, a Permanent Injunction to prevent enforcement of this law. 

Our attorneys appeared before the judge in Syracuse, New York, on the 29th of September. But even if we win, you can be sure that New York will appeal their loss—so we are potentially looking at tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, as we will stay in this fight all the way up to the Supreme Court if the need be. 

To keep us in the fight, Gun Owners Foundation is going to need sustained support from our generous members like YOU, because fighting tyranny is not cheap. 

Please make a tax-deductible contribution to Gun Owners Foundation’s Legal Defense Fund to help us WIN our legal battle against gun control tyrants, there’s a link in the description. 

We try not to overwhelm you with requests for donations, so we only make requests when we need that push. 

The reason why this fight is so important, even if you don’t live in New York, is because a Supreme Court decision could kneecap unconstitutional restrictions in every state and city.  

But as important as this battle is, Gun Owners Foundation is fighting legal battles all across the country. 

  • In federal court, we are challenging the Biden rule which registers guns and gun owners and restricts homemade guns. 
  • In California, we are filing amicus briefs challenging their magazine ban, before it spreads to other states. 
  • In Michigan, we’re challenging ATF’s refusal to allow conceal carry permit holders to bypass the NICS check when purchasing firearms. 
  • In Virginia, we’re fighting their Universal Background Check law and One Handgun a Month law, that’s in addition to challenging a city in Virginia’s ban on carrying guns at a permitted event which we won as of September 27th!. 
  • In Oregon and Missouri, we’re defending a county’s Second Amendment Protection Act against Bloomberg’s big money lawyers, so that it can be adopted across the country. 
  • And The Washington Supreme Court may soon hear our challenge to the state’s semi-auto ban. 

These are just a snippet of the legal actions Gun Owners Foundation is taking to defend YOUR God-given rights. 

Your support will ensure that we have the funds to keep waging all of these legal battles and win our major fight against the state of New York – where a loss could have DEVASTATING consequences for gun rights all across America. 

We don’t fundraise off of everything we do because we only want to ask for donations when we need them.  

Some nonprofits fundraise for the goal of self-perpetuation, we fundraise to win back our gun rights. 

So please, make a tax-deductible contribution to Gun Owners Foundation’s Legal Defense Fund to help us WIN all of our legal battles against gun control tyrants.