Urge Your Senators to reject Chipman for ATF

We have already told you about David Chipman, the virulent anti-gunner who Joe Biden has nominated to run the ATF.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to have a vote on him this Thursday.

And that’s why I need you to contact your Senators once again — even if they are not on that committee.

It is important that Senators hear a groundswell of opposition forming against this horrific candidate.

With the Senate filibuster still in place, Joe Biden has ONLY one route remaining by which he can go after your guns, and that is getting a malicious gun-hater like Chipman to head the ATF.

If the Senate were to confirm Chipman, that would open the door for the agency to ban AR-15’s by fiat.

Even former ATF Director Michael Sullivan thinks that Chipman should be disqualified.

In an OpEd published on Fox News, Sullivan wrote:

His partisan advocacy is his right as a private citizen, but engaging in his specific advocacy means his ability to objectively carry out the constitutional and legal responsibilities of the ATF, and effectively lead the more than 5,000 men and women who serve there, will be questioned both within and outside of ATF.

Mr. Sullivan also wrote:

Moreover, it has been reported that he mocked those who recently became new gun owners and advocated for the forceful closure of fully legal gun stores during the early days of the pandemic, despite their classification as ‘essential’ under Department of Homeland Security’s Essential Industries list.

Mr. Sullivan concluded by writing:

Policy debates around firearms should be left to the lawmakers in Congress, not to agency leaders. If a nominee wants to craft firearm policy, there’s a mechanism to do that: run for office, and let the voters decide. The American public, and ATF, need a leader who is focused on mission, not policy debates.

When a former ATF Director so forcefully opposes Chipman, you can be sure that Chipman’s confirmation as ATF Director would not just be a “slippery slope” for gun rights. It would be a straight nose-dive into tyranny.

Please click here to email your Senators ASAP using the form above.