WI: Wisconsin Could Become the Next Second Amendment Sanctuary State!

Wisconsin legislators have been pushing to protect your Second Amendment rights from Biden’s gun control agenda!

The Second Amendment Sanctuary bill (AB 293) — sponsored by 33 Republican Representatives – passed in the State Assembly! It now heads to the Senate!

Under Assembly Bill 293, it would become a Class A Misdemeanor for any person to enforce “a federal act, law, statute, rule, regulation, treaty, or order that takes effect on or after January 1, 2021, if it bans or restricts semi-automatic firearms, assault weapons, or magazines; requires registration of firearms, magazines, or other firearm accessories; regulates the capacity of magazines; regulates the quantity of ammunition or bullets an individual may possess; prohibits types of ammunition or bullets; or requires the confiscation of a firearm.”

This bill also declares that firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition that is owned or manufactured in this state will not be subject to federal law. This legislation will make it significantly less likely for Biden’s gun control to be enforced.

We at GOA are doing all we can to help get this passed, but we need YOUR help to push the Senate to support it!

Please use this form to urge your Senator to VOTE YES on AB 293 and make Wisconsin a Second Amendment Sanctuary!