‘Gun Control’ in Action: Driver Riddled with Bullets in ‘Machine Gun’ Attack in Khan’s London

A man is in critical condition in hospital after being riddled with bullets in Sadiq Khan’s London, just 20 minutes after another man was stabbed in the chest in an unrelated attack.
The 24-year-old shooting victim was blasted in his car in what has been described as a “machine gun” attack, with witnesses recalling up to 17 shots fired in Brent in north-west London at about 8.34 p.m, The Sun reports. …

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The news comes right after a young man stabbed to death on the capital’s ‘millionaire row’ became London’s 69th suspected murder victim in 2018, with top surgeons predicting a “summer of carnage” as attacks using acid, machetes, knives, and firearms surge under the mayoralty of Labour’s Sadiq Khan. …

Law-abiding citizens may not carry firearms, pepper spray, or articles of any kind for self-defence anywhere in the United Kingdom except Northern Ireland — where serving and former members of the police and Armed Forces may apply for a personal protection weapon — and self-defence is not considered a valid reason for keeping a firearm at home.

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