GOA: Gun-Free Zones Responsible For Texas Shooting


GOA News Release

Gun Owners of America has the victims of the shooting at Timberview High School in our thoughts and prayers.  But sadly, once again, innocents have been victimized by one of the many gun-free zones in Texas. Unfortunately, first reports indicate that none of the adults in the school were able to respond to lethal force with lethal force. The children at this school could have been protected by the Second Amendment were it not infringed by leftist policies such as gun-free zones.

Despite the school district having its own police department which claims to have at least one officer on all campuses at all times, this tragedy was not prevented and could not have been prevented by one officer. Armed citizens are always in the right place at the right time to be their own first responders; law enforcement is oftentimes called after an incident takes place – and then to take a report.

It appears that the aggressor at Timberview High School was able to illegally possess a firearm — as criminals will always break the law — while the law-abiding were forced by law to be defenseless.

Gun Owners of America is urging the Texas legislature to repeal all gun-free zones throughout the state, as this only makes criminals safer.  The only way to prevent these tragedies is to send a message to evildoers that good people are prepared to fight back. It is worth noting that Sheriff Bob Gualtieri of Pinellas County, Florida changed his views on arming teachers after the tragic Parkland attack. Before that shooting, he opposed the arming of teachers. He now supports having armed teachers in the schools to stop shootings like this one.

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