90-Year-Old Pulls Gun For First Time In His Life On Home Intruder

90-Year-Old Pulls Gun For First Time In His Life On Home Intruder

 A 90-year-old man had the first reason in his life to use his .38 spc revolver when an unknown intruder entered his home and attempted to sleep in a vacant bedroom in his house.  As the Daily Breeze describes it, the home owner awoke to find the man in the vacant bedroom.

via the Daily Breeze

“I went directly into my wife’s bedroom to see if she was all right,” Chadwick said. “She was OK, asleep. I walked into another back bedroom that we have that’s vacant, and there was an individual lying on a twin bed in there.”

The man had left what was described as soggy sneakers by the door and police suspect the culprit may have been drinking.  Both the homeowner and police speculate that the man may have been homeless and drunk and stumbled into the house in an attempt to find shelter for the evening.  The manner in which he attempted to do this, though, illegally entering a person’s home, is something that jeopardizes the lives of everyone under that roof.  Once discovered, the homeowner had to employ his handgun to defend himself and his wife.  The gun owner held the suspect at gun point until police arrived — though, apparently the home invader needed some motivating to stay civil.

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