Armed Customer Saves Woman Being Beaten At Convenience Store

Armed Customer Saves Woman Being Beaten At Convenience Store

On February 9, a man walked into a convenience store in Holland, Michigan and found a suspect attacking a 39-year-old woman. When the man demanded that the violence stop, the suspect then turned his aggression towards the man and began to attack.

The 43-year-old man was carrying a gun and was able to defend himself by pulling it out on the suspect and firing two shots. After being contacted for a disorderly conduct call, police arrived on the scene.

The Holland Police Department reported that the suspect and the victim were in a relationship, and the suspect was at the store intimidating the victim, as well as other customers. One customer called 911 and departed the store. The suspect then began assaulting the woman by punching her and throwing her to the ground. That is when the 43-year-old armed citizen showed up and was able to subdue the aggressor.

The suspect was also armed, but was unable to get his gun he was shot. The victim did say that she feared for her life as she was transported to the hospital for injuries. The suspect had outstanding warrants and is currently hospitalized in critical condition.

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