Civilian Disarmament: When Guns Are Outlawed, Criminals Will Use Bows and Arrows

Norway has strict gun laws on the books and the Civilian Disarmament Industry likes to hold them up as an example, claiming that’s a place that gun control works.

In the town of Kongsberg, southwest of Oslo, Norway’s capital, someone decided to prove that gun control doesn’t stop people who want to kill others.

Dry fire practice at home has always been a great way to work on your draw, presentation, and trigger control skills. But now, with ammunition prices sky high, finding a way to train effectively at home with the feedback you need to actually improve your shooting is more important than ever.

Given the high cost of live fire training these days, none of us get to the range as often as we want to. But the Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System gives you that instant, effective feedback that lets you improve your shooting without using up precious ammo. Strikeman gives you real time metrics that let you watch your shooting skills improve over time with each practice session.

The Strikeman’s signature target, laser bullet and smartphone holder together with their phone app (both Android and iOs), create a harmonized dry fire shooting system you can use in the comfort of your own home, saving time, money, and conserving your ammunition.

The key to the system is Strikeman’s powerful smart phone app. With frequent updates and changes made to the Android/iOS app, your Strikeman system improves and changes every few months. That gives you the training variety you need to keep things fresh and continue to improve your performance.

So with a single purchase of the Strikeman system, you’ll get years of advanced dry fire training drills.

Strikeman’s history section allows you to track, analyze, and correct any habituated shooting errors. You can also create profiles for each firearm you train with, so you can keep track of your firearm-specific shooting habits.

Strikeman offers seven laser cartridge calibers: 9mm .380 ACP .40 S&W .45 ACP .38 SPECIAL .357 SIG and .223/5.56. The laser cartridges are rimless, so they won’t eject when you cycle your firearm. And the cartridges have rubber activation buttons in the primer position so they won’t harm your gun’s firing pin.

Today’s high ammo prices limit how often we’re able to train. Instructors recommend training shooting 3 to 5 days a week in order to stay proficient. Strikeman is a proven way to build and improve your firearm proficiency.

And the Strikeman Training System is affordable, too. You can get started for only $99. Click here to try the Strikeman system for yourself.

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