LA: Louisiana Senators vote NO on Constitutional Carry!

The Louisiana Senate has FAILED to override Governor Edwards’ veto of the Constitutional Carry bill, SB118!

In a shameful betrayal of the citizens of Louisiana, five State Senators put politics and self-interest ahead of the rights of all Louisianans by changing their votes on Constitutional Carry and allowing the Governor’s veto to stand.

The five Senators who backstabbed gun owners are Louie Bernard (R-31), Patrick Connick (R-8), Franklin Foil (R-16), Ronnie Johns (R-27), and Gary Smith (D-19). NOTE: Sen. Johns did not attend the veto session, but an Absence is the same as a No vote.

[You can find phone numbers and email addresses of the traitors by clicking the links above. Make sure these backstabbers know how displeased you are with their anti-gun votes.]

While this is not the outcome we fought so hard for, or that the people of Louisiana deserve, one silver lining is that it has shed light on who in the Senate actually supports Constitutional Carry and who was simply trying to score political points thinking there would be no veto session!

Louisianans deserve the ability to defend themselves, their families, and their communities without government intrusion or permission. And GOA will continue to fight for Constitutional Carry until it is the law in Louisiana!

And as for those Senators who cannot be counted on to support the right to keep and bear arms, GOA will make sure that all Louisianans remember who the backstabbers were at election time!

I would like to thank Senator Jay Morris for filing SB118 and for all of his hard work in support of Constitutional Carry throughout the regular and veto sessions.

I would also like to thank those Senators who stood up to the Governor and countered the anti-gun Sheriffs and law enforcement officials, by refusing to succumb to political pressure and maintaining their support for Constitutional Carry.

Finally, I would like to thank all of GOA’s members and supporters for the thousands of phone calls and emails sent in support of our right to keep and bear arms. Without all of you, we would not have made as much history as we did this year!