Chicago PD Offers Its Nominee For Most Gun Ignorant Post Ever

People expect the police to understand firearms. After all, they use firearms on a regular basis, right? They carry them on their hips every day and usually have access to something larger in their vehicles. They should know guns.

The reality, however, is that many police officers have little interest in guns. They carry them and, if they’re diligent, practice with them. However, many just don’t know a whole lot about firearms.

For example, take this post from the Chicago Police Department where they brag about taking a deadly weapon off the street.

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On 06 Nov 2017, CPD’s 008th District 863 Team executed a search warrant in the 6000 block of S. Mozart. Recovered was (1) AK-47 7.62 caliber rifle with a 16 inch barrel loaded with 16 live 7.62 high capacity rounds. (1) Norinco .38 handgun loaded with 6 live rounds, and over 30 grams of cannabis all from a convicted felon gang member.


It’s impressive.

It’s impressive in its wrongness.

Let’s break it down piece by piece, shall we?

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