Texas Pastor Plans On Carrying In The Pulpit

Texas Pastor Plans On Carrying In The Pulpit

The murder of 26 innocent souls in a Texas church has many looking for answers, both inwardly and outwardly. Politicians want to ban things, as is their way. Others take up prayer and hope for an end to the madness. Still others look at what they can do to protect them and theirs should such trouble cross their paths.

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One such person is a Texas pastor who doesn’t intend to be left vulnerable while tending his flock.

SULLIVAN CITY, TX (KRGV/CNN) – A church in south Texas is taking action to prevent an attack like the one in Sutherland Springs through concealed weapons carried by the pastor and some parishioners.

Pastor Jamie Chapa at El Faro Bible Church in Sullivan City, TX, says when he saw the news about the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, the situation hit too close to home.

“When they said ‘a congregation of 50,’ I said, ‘That’s our congregation,’” Chapa said.

In addition, like the Sutherland Springs church, El Faro is in a rural area.

Chapa has led the congregation at El Faro for 30 years, and he says it’s his responsibility to protect the church.

Let’s note that last bit. It’s his responsibility to protect the church. The analogy I made earlier between a pastor and a shepherd is hardly novel. It’s one of the more common comparisons made to describe how the clergy interacts with their congregation.

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