California’s strict gun laws no deterrent for San Jose gunman

A disgruntled employee who gunned down nine co-workers at a Northern California railyard Wednesday morning appears to have circumvented some of the state’s strict gun laws.

The gunman, identified as maintenance worker Samuel Cassidy, 57, legally obtained the three semi-automatic pistols he used in the San Jose shooting at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority facility.

But the magazines he used – 32 in all – held 12 to 15 rounds; magazines with more than 10 rounds are illegal in California, according to The Mercury News of San Jose.

The state banned the sale of those magazines in 2013 and possession of them in 2016, so it’s possible the gunman obtained them legally years ago. He also could have bought them legally for a short period of time last summer during a court challenge before the ban was restored.

It is also illegal to have a gun in a transit facility.

“California’s ‘no gun’ policies were completely ignored by the killer,” Aidan Johnston, director of federal affairs for Gun Owners of America, said, according to The Mercury News. “Did that stop the mass murderer? No. Did it leave law-abiding citizens defenseless? Yes.”…

In addition, apparently no one took steps toward having Cassidy disarmed after he drew scrutiny from U.S. customs officials in 2016 when he was found with books on terrorism and notes about hating his job after returning from a trip to the Philippines.

The gunman also had several other weapons he bought legally but didn’t use in the shooting…

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