As appetite for gun control weakens, Ralph Northam is trying to change the subject

VA Governor Ralph Northam

Ever since last year’s Virginia election that brought full control of the government into the hands of Democrats, the extended victory lap had one theme: Gun control. State legislators lined up to get their names on anything that resembled an attack on the 2nd Amendment, gleefully declaring they were going to make the state “safer” by taking away rights of law-abiding gun owners. At the top of the list was their proposed “assault weapons” ban that would prohibit sales and force current owners of firearms like AR-15s to register their guns.
Local jurisdictions responded by declaring they would offer sanctuary to gun owners. State lawmakers, including Governor Ralph Northam, fired back by making threats that included using the National Guard to remove law enforcement officials who did not comply with the Draconian mandates of the state. This prompted debates and even threats that seemed poised to tear the state apart…

Virginia’s pop-up gun sanctuary movement has turned its attention to fighting the governor’s call for a $4.8 million, 18-officer team to enforce his proposed “assault weapons” ban.

Two key groups issued an alert this week to push gun owners to four budget hearings Thursday around the state, asking them to quiz state legislators if they will vote to ban or confiscate weapons.

“We understand that this is short notice. But it would have a significant impact if many of our members could show up and make a 3-minute statement and ask questions of the legislators in attendance,” said the Virginia Citizens Defense League.

“We see in the governor’s proposed budget that he wants $4 million and 18 new law-enforcement positions to enforce a ban on commonly-owned firearms,” said Erich Pratt, Gun Owners of America senior vice president.

Both groups have been key in the surprising success of the organic gun sanctuary movement in Virginia that was prompted when Gov. Ralph Northam said he’d back sweeping gun control legislation after Democrats took control of the legislature in the 2019 elections…

Now, Governor Northam has started pointing to other progressive hot buttons in an effort to change the subject. He is pushing popular decriminalization of marijuana possession and is promoting a criminal justice reform package to appeal to leftists. But the efforts are not making gun control concerns go away.

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