AR: Condemn Governor Hutchinson’s Veto and Ask Him to Sign the New Sanctuary Bill

UPDATE: Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed HB 1957 into law on April 29th.

As we told you earlier this week, Governor Hutchinson made a very anti-gun decision and vetoed the Second Amendment sanctuary bill (SB 298).

We hoped the veto would be overridden, since it would have been an easy process. The Senate voted to override the veto, but the spineless legislators in the House refused to vote on the override. Not only that, but they refused with a voice vote so there is no proof of who voted against your rights.

While this is very unfortunate, our friends at Gun Owners of Arkansas fought hard and helped to get a new sanctuary bill (HB 1957), albeit a weaker one, through the House and Senate.

Under House Bill 1957, state and local officials would be ordered to not enforce NEW federal legislation that violates the Arkansas Constitution on firearm rights. This bill is not as strong as the last, because it doesn’t work retroactively. It also could potentially leave the decision of whether or not a federal law violates the state Constitution up to the police. Therefore, it might not actually stop state enforcement of Biden’s gun control unless a court decides the law does infringe on the Constitution.

This bill has been sent to the Governor. Governor Hutchinson deserves much criticism for vetoing the stronger bill, but we also ask that he AT LEAST signs this weaker Sanctuary bill.

Please use the form above to email Governor Hutchinson and URGE him to sign HB 1957.