Constitutional Carry is in Gov. Abbott’s hands, but you can make a difference!

Your Immediate Action is Requested to Get Constitutional Carry Passed!

Click on the Take Action button to urge Gov. Greg Abbott to add Constitutional Carry to the agenda of the special session!

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It’s time for Texas to become the fifteenth Constitutional Carry state.

It’s crunch time for Constitutional Carry in Texas.

As I have previously alerted you, Constitutional Carry still has a chance this year if Gov. Greg Abbott adds it to the special legislative session agenda.

State reps. Jonathan Stickland and Matt Rinaldi introduced Constitutional Carry in the regular session, and they’re ready to fight for Constitutional Carry in the special session.

In fact, these representatives believe they have the votes needed to pass Constitutional Carry.

But Constitutional Carry must be added by Gov. Abbott to be considered by the legislature.

So please contact Gov. Abbott and urge him to add Constitutional Carry to the legislative session.

In Liberty,

Tim Macy

PS: Gun owners in Texas need one more push to ensure that Constitutional Carry will be considered in Texas’ special session. Please contact Gov. Abbott now!