AL: Second Amendment Sanctuary and Constitutional Carry Bills may get a House Vote Soon!

As we told you just a little while ago, Alabama legislators are pushing to protect your Second Amendment rights from Biden’s gun control agenda. And they are working hard to expand your rights to carry firearms!

The Second Amendment Sanctuary bill (SB 358) — sponsored by Sen. Gerald Allen — is challenging President Biden’s intention to impose a gun control agenda that will restrict your 2A rights. As a reminder, if this bill would become law, state and local government officials will be under order to NOT enforce ANY unconstitutional federal gun laws created after January 1, 2021. This will make it significantly less likely for Biden’s federal gun control plan to be enforced.

The Constitutional Carry bill (HB 405) — sponsored by Rep. Andrew Sorrell — would eliminate the need for an Alabama citizen to obtain a concealed carry permit in order to carry a pistol. It’s well past time for Alabama to join the other twenty states that already recognize one’s right to carry a firearm without first getting permission. These states are, not coincidentally, among the safest in the nation.

SB 358 and HB 405 were both approved in the House committee of Public Safety and Homeland Security. Now they should soon get a House vote.

We at GOA are doing all we can to help get these passed, but we need YOUR help!

Please email your State Representative, urging him or her to VOTE YES on BOTH of these two pro-gun bills!