Wyoming Poised To Do Away With Gun-Free Zones

On March 8, the Legislature passed and sent to Mr. Gordon HB 125. The bill’s primary sponsor, state Rep. Jeremy Haroldson, a Republican, said he is cautiously optimistic that Mr. Gordon will sign the bill but that he knows there are no guarantees.

The bill repeals the designation for most places currently listed as gun-free zones, including public schools, colleges, and public buildings. This includes the state capitol, legislature, and other government buildings. It also makes it a crime to prevent a legal gun owner from carrying a concealed weapon anyplace but in areas that remain off-limits.

Those off-limits areas include hospitals, mental health facilities, and jails…

Chris Stone, state and local affairs director for Gun Owners of America, expresses optimism that the bill will become law because it has broad public support.

“Public perception is behind us. We believe Gov. Gordon will do the right thing and sign that into law,” he told The Epoch Times.

Mr. Stone said people support the measure because research indicates that most mass shootings happen in gun-free zones.

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